Winner of the Seattle Time’s Best in the PNW

Avant PT is proud to announce that we have WON the Seattle Time’s Best in the PNW competition for both Physical Therapy and Orthopedics. We are particularly excited about this honor as it is a People’s Choice award, and you, our amazing patients, friends and family, have spoken loud and clearly. Thank you so much for loving Avant.

Time for us to humble brag a little big… 

Physical Therapy at Avant is SO many things: a tool box for symptom management, relief from your pain, exercise to promote strength, guidance on running or hiking to support wellness, breath work to address stress, education on a million things including postpartum pelvic health, manual interventions to correct your vertigo, and stretches to help your constant jaw and neck pain. There is not a goal too big or too small to address in physical therapy as long as that goal is tied to your musculoskeletal health. So bring us your knees that hurt on the way up the stairs, your back that limits you from sitting too long at work, your hip which limits range of motion in your squat, and your foot and ankle which you keep spraining. We are excited and interested in treating them all and have the most phenomenal, educated, and supportive staff to help you thrive in physical therapy.

Orthopedic PT, which includes treatment of your muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and joints, can be complex! That is why an excellent evaluation is critical to meeting your goals. Avant’s PT’s, many of whom are recognized as Orthopedic Certified Specialists, evaluate the nuances of your orthopedic injury, including patterns of overuse, undertraining, whole body structure, and biomechanics. We are excited to treat you at any stage of your injury.

Treatment for orthopedic injuries at Avant PT focuses on carefully executed, hands-on care along with education, physical activity, and MORE education and physical activity. Why the redundancy? Because we KNOW these things both put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your recovery, and help you gain the range of motion, strength, neural and joint mobility critical to success. We use advanced technology like BFR to expedite your strength gains and get great feedback for our role as your ever-present cheerleader (aka hype person).

If you are just curious about how PT can help you, give us a call! We are confident that Avant PT will live up to our distinction as Best in the PNW. Thanks Seattle Times!