Live Video Physical Therapy

Avant was amongst the first clinics in Seattle to offer a telehealth option for patient care during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s always a little daunting to start something new and we were so excited about the results of telehealth for many of our patients. The key to success was two fold.

Time To Think Outside The Box

Time to offer physical therapy in a new way

The PT’s at Avant are truly exceptional and creative, allowing them to create a plan of care that was adaptable to telehealth. At the same time, we have the best patients in the world, who were equally as invested as we were in their outcomes. The result was nothing short of awesome.
So what is telemedicine, you ask?? In the case of physical therapy, telemedicine is live video in which you are virtually working with your PT. You would be in your home or other private setting and your PT would be in their home or other private setting. Just as you would in a normal PT visit, the PT assesses what the impairments are that are contributing to your pain. They prescribe exercise, activity modification, biomechanics training, and/or education to directly address these impairments. If you do not have access to exercise equipment, we are very creative in helping you figure out options like water bottles, water jugs, and body weight resisted exercises to challenge you. Each visit we will continue to actively monitor your progress and determine the steps to push you toward your goals. If we don’t see change over time, we will advise you of such and make a change in our plan of care.
Wondering if you are a good candidate for telehealth? We can help you to make that decision. Just give us a call and we will lead you in the right direction for you.
Fortunately, your insurance company covers telehealth in the same way that traditional outpatient PT is covered. This means that if you have a copay, coinsurance, or deductible they would apply the same to services in the clinic as they do to PT via telemedicine – there is no additional cost or extra fee to you.
You chose Avant PT for a reason – maybe it was a Yelp review, maybe a friend told you about us, maybe it was your doctor’s recommendation, maybe you were just drawn by our gorgeous website:) Nevertheless, you chose us and we have many different ways to help you meet your goals. We are looking forward to being on your team!
To learn more about how Avant Physical Therapy can help you meet your goals schedule an appointment now, contact us at 206-686-4073 or request an appointment online today.

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We make every effort to include your healthcare professionals and exercise specialists in a cohesive plan to promote your optimal outcome. We want to truly understand what drives you toward recovery.