Manual Therapy

Taking a Hands-On Approach to Your Recovery

Manual therapy is a specialized treatment approach that combines current research and critical thinking with hands-on evaluation and treatment of injury. This is a fancy way of saying that we use hands on techniques like joint mobilization, myofascial mobilization, and soft tissue work to improve healing.

Manual Physical Therapy

This specific approach to PT considers how movement restrictions in the arms, legs and spine can cause problems up or down the body from the site of stiffness.

For example, after you sprain your ankle, you may find it is stiff and lacks range of motion with walking. Because of these limitations, you may develop a subtly new walking pattern. Suddenly, in addition, you also notice that you have developed low back pain but have no idea why or what you’ve done to cause it!

Most people can relate to the sequela of injury that can happen in the body. Let us help you to better understand the mobility of your muscles and joints, as we address the root cause of your injury. In addition to our hands-on work, we use highly specific and calculated exercise to improve coordination, endurance and strength of the muscles surrounding the injury and throughout the body to optimize both stability and mobility of the whole system. Our goal is always to add the interventions that will get you back to the activities and life you love!

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We make every effort to include your healthcare professionals and exercise specialists in a cohesive plan to promote your optimal outcome. We want to truly understand what drives you toward recovery.