Adrienne Snider


Adrienne graduated with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Washington University, one of the top 3 PT schools in the nation, where she trained in a model of treatment and assessment called the Human Movement System. This evaluation and treatment approach determines movement dysfunction and then goes further to address the bio and psychosocial factors required in order to achieve optimal tissue healing.

Adrienne is excited about treating postural dysfunction that may lead to neck, shoulder, and leg injury; acute and chronic low back pain; sports injuries, especially those related to dance medicine; and hypermobility. She has personally studied dance for 20 years and utilizes her distinct understanding of movement that she gained in that time to help analyze and fine tune movement that ranges from daily activities like tying shoes to the most powerful Grande jeté.

When she is not in the clinic, Adrienne can be found exercising, dancing, cooking/baking new recipes, exploring new restaurants and breweries, and adventuring in the mountains with her boyfriend and their two spirited dogs, Simon and Maya. She brings her Midwestern heart and values to her life in Seattle.

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