Adam Whitman


Adam Whitman, DPT

Adam received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Indiana University in 2012, and prior to that, a PTA degree from the University of Saint Francis in 2008. Through his education he discovered a passionate interest in the human nervous system and he excels in treatment of orthopedic peripheral neuropathies, persistent and repetitive injuries, and chronic pain conditions.

Adam believes that there is no one size fits all for patients who seek out physical therapy, and strives to make sure his patients receive individualized care. As such, he gravitates toward techniques that focus on interpreting the story the body is trying to tell to provide the right intervention for that story. His advanced training includes Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (McKenzie Method), Senin-So Shiatsu, and certifications in both Graston Technique and MyoKinesthetic Systems. Independent from his specializations, he believes strongly that patient education acts as the most potent tool for empowering patients to take control over their pain and improve their function.

During Adam’s free-time, he enjoys rock climbing, hiking, local table top and video gaming community participation, expanding his knowledge in various sciences, and cooking elaborate meals.

Happy Patients

Brenna Murray is amazing! I had been having lateral knee pain whenever I ran and needed to get better for an upcoming half-marathon. Brenna took the time to listen and understand my experience, pain, and needs. She was thorough, patient, and insightful during each stage of my evaluation and treatment. Her sunny personality and good humor set me at ease while her determination and resolve challenged me to try new exercises and get stronger. My knee is better and I’m an improved runner because of her expertise, diligence, and encouragement. If you are looking for a physical therapist, I strongly recommend Brenna.

Jenna H.

Hands down, the best PT I've ever been to. Laura is a wonderful, upbeat person and and amazing therapist, and unlike many PT's she spends the entire hour with you. She's also very good with difficult cases. I've had an ongoing back issue for several years and have tried everything. I'd pretty much given up on ever really getting better. In one month Laura helped me more than anyone else had been able to.

Tanya J.

Katie was fantastic throughout the entire process. I had a grade 3 sprain in which I snapped a ligament and now am trail running again. They were always prepared and professional. Really know what they are doing and wonderful people!

Erica Y.

It was clear from the get-go that each exam and treatment is thorough, which I appreciated. Katie's demeanor and encouragement also made recovery much less burdensome than I anticipated, as back pain can be no fun. I also really appreciated her attention to detail (beyond just vague don't-slouch-advice) and easy explanations, as it really helped me to better understand some pitfalls for my back in everyday movement (and couch-potato-non-movement) and ways I can proactively strengthen muscles for my back. I just hope I can retain it all going into the future.

Roger H.